We are an independent and locally owned and operated business. All our team are tertiary qualified, with access to market data and local knowledge. we are registered with the Australian Property Institute and Associated Professional Standards.

We value a range of property types plus plant and machinery.

We do not specialise in valuing businesses as a going concern. We do not specialise in hotel or motel valuations.

This sets a base date for capital gain achieved. If you live in a house for 5 years then lease it for 3 years, you only pay the gain achieved in the investment/rental period for the last 3 years. The value can be done at the time of rental commencement or retrospectively.

If you are gifted a property or pay less than market value (eg sell to a family member) you will need to pay Stamp Duty to the Office of State Revenue (OSR) for the market value. A valuer needs to certify what that value is for the OSR.

We will measure improvements, do a full internal and external inspection and note all land and building characteristics.

A bank may request a valuation to assist in borrowing criteria. Also to determine Stamp Duty Tax due or Capital Gains Tax. To settle a family sale or probate settlement. For divorce or separation matters. For pre sale advice by the vendor or purchaser. For government asset or pension assessment.